I played the trombone when I was younger.

The anger showed onn her face.

Detroit is dangerous city.

I would scream very loudly if I saw a scorpion in my room.

I'm so glad I had a class last night because it was awesome!

That scientist is looking for dinosaur bones in the valley.

Meningitis is a terrible disease.

She is a cheerful giver.

The boat was swallowed up in the fog.

"What would you like to do?" "Go on a picnic."

Tran has been living here since 2013.

We felt very helpless.

How can we ask for humans to respect nature, the planet and the animals if respect between them does not exist?


Have you seen today's paper?

Is what you told me secret?

Is it true that you and Clyde were engaged?

If it had not been for your help, I couldn't have completed the work.

I don't need to be told who you are.


The house was sold for one million dollars.

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First, you must last.

It's your first time doing this kind of work. You should follow the manual exactly until you get more experience.

He acquired education late in his life.


What will become of me?

What's Olaf up to now?

Nobody knows exactly how many races make up the population of the United States.


Can such a thing happen again?

It sounds like you had a good time.

It's too early for you to come.


Jennie started whistling a happy tune.

Nobody can foresee what will happen.

The hospital there is not huge.

I'm none the wiser for his explanation.

"Are you a teacher?" "So I am."

Dan and Linda had been married for twenty years.

The public is clamoring for more jobs and lower taxes.


See to it that the door is locked at 10.

I thought Eli would be much fatter.

You're supposed to be asleep!

No one encouraged Billie.

Martyn thinks you're going to be here tomorrow.

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I know that Jacobson is busy.

Will you keep playing all day long?

I didn't want it to happen.

Within a week, most of Europe was at war.

I hope they do it.


The cackles of hens always make me laugh.


We have agreed on the rate of discount.


I think I'll have an early night tonight.

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I'm coming to your party.

Tatoeba is a great way to procrastinate.

Wolfgang has caught on.

This new town is beautifully laid out.

We hurried in the direction of the fire.


Kari says he's healthy again.

Presumably, Case watered the flowers while we were away.

You don't look happy.

I know how to count to 100.

I can't stand the thought of losing Marcel as a friend.

It's not a difficult problem.

They declined to publish my book.

Marshall is thrilled.

I haven't told you yet, have I?

I got you these.

My German dictionary is a treasure trove of strange and enchanting words.


Jennie loves going to the mall.

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I'd like to hang out with you tonight.


Hubert isn't as poor as most people think he is.

Everybody ran outside.

I hope No isn't doing something he isn't supposed to be doing.

He was lying there with his legs bound together.

This house is my grandmother's, but soon it will be mine.

I will do anything within reason.

Look at that brilliant star.

We are fed up of always seeing the same people taking all the credit!

Cathode rays are beams of electrons.


He left home.

She bought a Chinese fan.

I always drink milk with my breakfast.

He was dropped from the team for using drugs.

The service nobility was a pillar of the Prussian state.

Knowledge is used only if it's engraved in our mind.

I'm tired of fighting with you.

Murat is fascinated by Japanese anime and manga.

I know you better than you think.

He is absorbed in his work.

She has hazel eyes.

This bag is too heavy.

The plenary seat of the European Parliament is in Strasbourg.

Now I'm definitely not going to sleep.

It was a busy morning.

It feels like the end of the world.

You've got problems.

Take them downtown.

He likes his life.

Knudsen will eat you alive.

Michael Phelps is now the most decorated Olympian of all time.


No words can express her deep sorrow.

Do you have any tax-free articles?

Coleen went to Boston and stayed there until he died.

Angela left with someone else.

He confined himself to his room.


We're persevering.


Gerald was wearing a cowboy hat.


Dan promised Linda to do everything he could to help and protect her.


I don't know what you expect me to say.

I often go to the bookstore.

Don't you think that's a little strange?

He doesn't have any real friends.

What's the temperature?


Chicken, tuna and soybeans are good sources of protein.

They robbed stores and threatened public safety.

Nobody believes that anymore.

Children are innocent.

Reason is the greatest enemy that faith has: it never comes to the aid of spiritual things, but--more frequently than not --struggles against the divine Word, treating with contempt all that emanates from God.


Hiroshi is sawing the wood into boards.

Why were they scared?

The cost in lives was huge.


Don't let the chance slip!

They all love me.

I'm not much of a dancer.


The circulation, as is known, is the main indicator of the periodical's authoritativeness.

Hey, how much does one pound of these oranges cost?

It's dinner time.


I'm sure Penny will apologize.


Sunil needs to finish what he started.

I found out that he was a pimp.

She burst into the room.

Return to your seat.

They were given over to drinking.

Brazil is very rich; its richness is immense; coffee is one of its greatest riches.

He is indifferent to what others say.

Is that your or your sister's glass?

Betting on human stupidity is always a good bet.


With your propaganda, I can tell you think everybody's opinion matters.

I want a job.

Just look at him.

Gilles came over and had dinner with us.

There's a degree of stress in every job.


Celeste had no desire to argue with Rafik.

Malus wasn't the first one here today.

I won't lie to her.

It's a bit warm in here, isn't it?

He came up with an answer to our problem.

I was there that day.

You should cut off your connections with that group.

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What the hell is that?


I was in Australia with her.

Was it a nice trip?

I would have said the same thing.


I didn't make any promises.

Do you really think anything will change?

He was fired against his will.

I am a bit shy.

Why is Gerard still standing outside in the rain?

You don't need to speak so loud.

It was a very hard training.

There's not a big difference.

Roxana testified against Knute.


Woody escaped through the window.

At last, they began to count down cautiously.

What a fantastic idea!

Natural food is not always good for our digestion.

I can't trust such a man as he.


I think it would be good to talk once more with the boss.